How we keep moving your employees remotely

According to a recent study, companies that actively promote health and wellbeing are 2.5 times more likely to be viewed as a top performing organization. That’s a challenging job and certainly when done remotely … In our transition to hybrid working we have almost shifted completely to remote working due to the temporarily resurgence of the pandemic. An upsurge no one is cheering for, but employers will have to deal with it of course. 

This stands next to the raised awareness amongst your employees about physical and mental wellbeing. But how can you help them with this? With KeepMoving we learnt a lot from the past year on how we can support you.  

Most important of all: we challenge your employees to move. That’s it. We don’t ask them to climb the Mount Everest or cycle the Tour de France on a unicycle. Our challenges are low-threshold and inclusive because we want everyone in your organization to move. They can walk, cycle, run, swim or whatever the challenge is about. It’s crucial that they experience the benefits of physical wellbeing themselves by just walking with their dog, biking to the store or going for a run in the park.  

We bring them together. With a team challenge they can create and customise their own teams. They motivate each other to go the extra mile and need to work together as a team. You can see it like this: we encourage them to have a MAT – relationship instead of a LAT relationship. Instead of ‘Living Apart Together’ they are ‘Moving Apart Together’

We let them inspire each other. Being in a MAT – relationship is not always easy but we know the secret ingredient to make it work: let them share moments with each other. On our Wall of Fame they can share pictures with their colleagues while they are walking, running, cycling … Other colleagues can have a look, like their picture and inspire other colleagues themselves by uploading theirs. 

We serve them snackable content. We not only want your colleagues to move, we also want to inspire them. Why? Well, to phrase a wise quote ousted by a former rugby pro: ‘Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.’ Each day we present a wellbeing tip on our platform and every week we deliver a newsletter with a motivational blog post. We do this by offering themed challenges like our Sustainability Challenge

We (and you) reward them. Although we all know that the journey of a challenge itself is the reward, we learnt that earning something always feels great. When they have successfully completed a challenge on KeepMoving they unlock an achievement badge which they can proudly share with others on LinkedIn, Facebook, via WhatsApp … Or maybe better: as a company you support a charity organization when they reach their goal. Just like Baloise, Lantis & Elia did

Interested in how we can help your employees to keep moving during these challenging times?  

Let us know and we’ll get in touch