How Reitmans activated the community of their brand Hyba (B2C)

KeepMoving allows organizations to energise their community through challenges with playful gamification, rewards and inspiring content. Let’s take a closer look at how we supported Reitmans.

Reitmans Ltd. is a Canadian retailing company, specialising in women’s clothing. The company operates several store brands, including Reitmans, R.W. & Company, Penningtons, Addition-Elle, Thyme Maternity, Cassis, Smart Set and Hyba. We worked together with Reitmans for their brand Hyba.

🎯 The challenge

Reitmans wanted to activate the community of their brand Hyba. This is how they invited their clients to join the challenge:

Challenge accepted! Our Hyba Moving Club is a community created to encourage you to get moving and to reach your goals. Together, we want to travel across Canada. We would like to reach a total of 28,000 kilometres. This is the equivalent of circling Canada twice, passing through Montreal, Vancouver, Whitehorse, Iqaluit and St. John’s. Let’s move together toward this common goal!

The challenge was named the #HybaMovingClub and was organised from Sunday, July 4 until Sunday, August 1. Clients received a unique code to unlock the challenge on the platform. They connected their sport app or wearable (eg. Strava) to the platform to automatically synchronise their activities in a seamless manner.

The challenge involved a team target, so this meant that everyone needed to work together towards the goal of collecting 28,000 kilometres.

Participants could walk, run, cycle, swim or do other type of sport. But most important of all we challenged them to work together to achieve their goal. During the challenge they got real-time updates on their progress through leaderboards and insights on the platform.

On top of that the participants got an automated mail whenever they reached a milestone, for example when they got to Montreal all participants received a mail from KeepMoving with tips & tricks to encourage to keep going.

🔎 Outcome and benefits

One thing we learnt: the Hyba Moving Club was a motivated community. More than 650 participants joined the challenge and together they collected 30.000 kilometres. Interesting to know was that their community walked 22.000 kilometres, ran 1.500 kilometres, cycled 5.000 kilometres along with other type of workouts. On average 1.000 daily kilometres were registered in total.

Reitmans also motivated their community during the challenge with cool prizes such as gift cards, a dream vacation in Canada and more.