How Baloise, Lantis & Elia launched a successful ‘Warmste Week’ challenge on KeepMoving

KeepMoving allows companies to energise their employees through challenges with playful gamification, rewards and inspiring content. Let’s take a closer look at how we supported Baloise, Elia and Lantis with their charity initiative for ‘De Warmste Week’.

‘De Warmste Week’ is a charity initiative by VRT, the national public-service broadcaster for the Flemish Community of Belgium. Each year they organise this event in December and companies, organisations, federations or individuals can organise an event for charity. KeepMoving can help companies and organisations to organise a challenge for ‘De Warmste Week’ with their employees to raise money for charity.

📢 What Baloise said

“During the Baloise ‘Warmste Week’ we started the KeepMoving initiative. We originally opted for a target of 2500 km. Thanks to the platform, we could follow everything live and we soon knew that we were going to reach the milestone of 2500 km together. At the end of the ride we even achieved the intended goal 4 times. There was a lot of walking, cycling and walking, all for a good cause.”

Yente Notteboom – Project Coordinator at B-Tonic By Baloise Insurance

🎯 The challenge

Baloise, Elia and Lantis each organised a company challenge for their employees in November and December ‘20. They each organised a separate challenge for their own employees independent from other companies, this case study explains the three challenges because they had the same theme: De Warmste Week.

The employees received a unique code to unlock their challenge on the platform. They connected their sport app or wearable (eg. Strava) to the platform to automatically synchronise their activities in a seamless manner. There was a company target which means that everyone was part of one big company team and they needed to reach a mutual target all together:

  • Baloise: 2,500 kilometres all together for their ‘Baloise For Life: Fit for Charity Challenge’
  • Elia: 40,075 kilometres ( = distance to travel around the world) all together for their ‘Fit4Charity Challenge
  • Lantis: 100,000 minutes all together for their ‘Fit for Charity Challenge

Participants could walk, run, cycle, swim or do other type of sport activities to reach their company target. But most important of all we challenged them to work together to achieve their goal. During the challenge they got real-time updates on their progress through leader boards and insights on the platform. A weekly inspiring blog post motivated them to keep moving and create awareness about physical and mental wellbeing in a fun and gamified way.

For this challenge we focussed our communication on why and how people are more motivated to move (as one team) when it’s for charity.

🔎 Outcome and benefits

Baloise had more than 250 participants and reached more than 11.000 kilometres with their company. They overreached their target 4.4 times! In 12 days each participant registered on average 47 kilometres.

Elia engaged more than 350 participants and collected 25,000 kilometres with their company. They didn’t reach their (ambitious) goal to travel around the world in 22 days but with an average of 77 kilometres per participant they were very happy with the outcome.

Lantis collected 108,000 minutes with 143 participants in 25 days, which means they successfully reached their company target. On average they registered 755 minutes per participant.