How IQVIA organised a KeepMoving challenge with their Prevention Units of Mensura

KeepMoving allows companies to energise their employees through challenges with playful gamification, rewards and inspiring content. Let’s take a closer look a challenge we organised for IQVIA, as a part of our partnership with Mensura.

IQVIA is a world leader in using data, technology, advanced analytics, and expertise to help customers drive healthcare forward. Together with the companies they serve, there are enabling a more modern and effective healthcare system and creating breakthrough solutions that transform business and patient outcomes.

🤝 About our partnership with Mensura

Mensura and KeepMoving closed a partnership to offer KeepMoving challenges to the clients of Mensura:

“Both large and smaller companies seem to need tools more than ever to activate and connect their employees. We notice this from the many customer questions that we receive. Organizations are looking for ways to break out of the grind of working from home or to make employees aware of a healthy lifestyle. KeepMoving’s exercise challenges provide a perfect answer to these questions and strengthen our Vitality range, where we focus on exercise, healthy nutrition and mental health. A collaboration was a logical step in that regard.”

Kim Van Asch, Corporate Venturing & Partnerships Manager Mensura

As part of the partnership, clients of Mensura can use their prevention units to pay for their KeepMoving. Just like IQVIA did for their challenge. Learn more about this on the website of Mensura.

🎯 The challenge

This case study takes a closer look at the The IQVIA Energy Summer Challenge of IQVIA that was organised in September ’21.

Employees of IQVIA received a unique code to unlock their challenge on the platform. They connected their sports app or wearable (eg. Strava) to the platform to automatically synchronise their activities seamless. Their target was to collect 600 kilometres from sport activities from Monday September 6th until Thursday September 30th together with a team of 6 people.

Participants could walk, run, cycle, swim or perform other types of sports activities to reach their team target. But most important of all we challenged them to work together to achieve their goal. During the challenge they got real-time updates on their progress through leaderboards and insights on the platform. A weekly inspiring blogpost motivated them to keep moving and create awareness about physical and mental wellbeing in a fun and gamified way.

🔎 Outcome and benefits

The challenge was a success with more than 120 participants across 23 teams. Each team registered on average 1,130 kilometres of sports activities during the challenge. All participants collected more than 25,000 kilometres in total.