How ENGIE engaged 3.000 employees with their Summer Challenge

KeepMoving allows companies to energise their employees through challenges with playful gamification, rewards and inspiring content. Let’s take a closer look at the challenge of ENGIE.

ENGIE is the Belgian market leader when it comes to sales of electricity, natural gas and energy services.

🎯 The challenge

ENGIE organised their Summer Challenge 2021 from the beginning of June until the end of September ‘21.

Employees of ENGIE received a unique code to unlock their challenge on the platform. They connected their sport app or wearable (eg. Strava) to the platform to automatically synchronise their activities in a seamless manner.

They were ambitious and wanted to collect 2,000,000 kilometres all together and on top of that they challenged their employees to complete some extra individual targets during the challenge:

  • Swim 30 kilometres
  • Walk 125 and/or 250 kilometres
  • Run 250 kilometres
  • Bike 500 and/or 1,000 kilometres
  • Move 250 kilometres with another type of workout then above (eg. Inline skating)

Participants could select the target(s) they wanted to reach and when they achieved this, they automatically received a virtual medal from KeepMoving. During the challenge they got real-time updates on their progress through leaderboards and insights on the platform.

🔎 Outcome and benefits

ENGIE went for it and with almost 3,000 participants they reached 2,100,000 kilometres all together. A massive effort and a big success for everyone.

On top of that 1.557 virtual medals where send to the participants for completing an individual target.

Thanks to the Wall of Fame, our feature that allows participants to share their pictures on the challenge page and like pictures from their colleagues, they motivated and inspired each other to go the extra mile.