How Httpool planted 14,600 trees thanks to a KeepMoving challenge

KeepMoving allows companies to energise their employees through challenges with playful gamification, rewards and inspiring content. Let’s take a closer look at we organised a challenge for Httpool together with Lignaverda.

Httpool, an Aleph Holding company, is the largest global partner of major media platforms. They support their growth, and drive business results for traditional and native advertisers across over 30 markets in Europe and Asia.

🤝 About our partnership with OZG: Lignaverda

A healthy mind in a healthy body is our most precious asset. Personally and as an employee. With Lignaverda, you can effortlessly organise a pleasant sporting challenge with positive results for the entire company. And for our planet.

To this end, Entrepreneurs Without Borders – specialised in the balance between economics, ecology and sociology – and Energy Lab – the driving force behind Start 2 Run, among other things – joined forces. Energy Lab has the right knowledge and extensive experience to get your employees excited about more exercise. Each at their own level.

The digital challenge platform KeepMoving makes it easy for you and your colleagues to take part in Lignaverda. Moving enough and doing sports are more than ever indispensable for the health and well-being of your employees. With Lignaverda, you can motivate them easily and in a unique way.

For all of your employees’ walking, running and cycling activities, we plant trees in the Great Green Wall. Through this international project of the African Union, you also realise CO₂ compensation for your company. Together, we slow down desertification and support local entrepreneurship in Senegal.

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🎯 The challenge

This case study takes a closer look at the Httpool Grows Challenges for Httpool that was organised in September ’21.

Employees of Httpool received a unique code to unlock their challenge on the platform. They connected their sports app or wearable (eg. Strava) to the platform to automatically synchronise their activities in a seamless manner. Their target was to collect 14,600 trees by moving 29,200 kilometres from Monday September 6th until Sunday October 3rd. So, this means that they earned a tree each time 2 kilometres was registered on the platform.

Participants could walk, run, cycle, swim or perform other types of sports activities to reach their team target. But most important of all we challenged them to work together to achieve their goal. During the challenge they got real-time updates on their progress through leaderboards and insights on the platform. A weekly inspiring blogpost motivated them to keep moving and create awareness about physical and mental wellbeing in a fun and gamified way. We also created awareness about their corporate social responsibility (CSR) with insights about the project of Lignaverda in Senegal.

🔎 Outcome and benefits

The challenge was a success with more than 257 participants worldwide. Htppool reached their target on the last day! They collected 30,941 kilometres and therefore planted 14,600 trees for the Lignaverda project. This means that on average 55 trees were planted per person and each person collected about 110 kilometres of sports activities.

Also the weekly inspiration mails were well received with an opening rate of 73%.