5 reasons why you should KeepMoving with your company

🔄 Answer to hybrid working

Hybrid work is a drastic departure from the traditional working model. Finding balance is easier in a flexible work arrangement. When employees have more control of their work schedules, they can free up time to take care of the things that crop up in their personal lives—whether it’s running an errand, picking up kids from day care, or being home for a delivery.

But the difficulty is to bring them together, even when they work apart. That’s when KeepMoving comes in the picture. Employees, across different countries or workplaces, can join together in a KeepMoving challenge and work together as a team. They have a mutual goal and motivate each other from the office or from home.

▶ Create awareness and impact

During the challenge you have real-time insights in the progress of the challenge and afterwards you get a detailed report (GDPR proof) that tells you the impact the challenge made: how many kilometres did we collect, the average per participant, what was the most popular day and many more interesting facts you can use to present to your colleagues to show what the challenge achieved.

During the challenge we motivate your colleagues with weekly motivational blogposts and mailings about wellbeing. Snackable content that inspires them and creates awareness about their personal wellbeing.

🎯 Need for plug-and-play tools

Companies, small and big ones, are in search for easy-to-implement corporate wellbeing initiatieves with measurable impact. But motivating employees for such activations is hard and time-consuming if companies do it themselves so they rely on experienced partners to support them. KeepMoving offers you the opportunity to launch a challenge within 5 working days to your colleagues. The best part? You only have to pick a challenge, we’ll do all the work for you while you’ll sit back and relax.

Customisation is key, companies want to tell their story to their employees through an innovative way. You decide which challenge you want, with advice of our experts of course.

😀 No boring wellbeing gibberish

A challenge has to be fun and playful, no boring wellbeing gibberish but gamified action with leaderboards and insights. Eyes on the prize: motivate employees with engaging rewards but don’t only reward the top performers and never forget the power of a good cause. Participants can share their pictures on the Wall of Fame and like pictures of other participants. And when they reach their target they get an achievement badge they can share on social media. That’s how we make it fun to take part in a challenge on KeepMoving.

🚴‍♀ Accelerate corporate wellbeing strategy

Some companies already have a profound corporate wellbeing strategy in place but are in need of tools to accelerate their strategy. Like Maya Angelou once said: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. This is why we want people to move. Organise a challenge on KeepMoving and you will experience how your colleagues will start working together as a team and learn the benefits of getting physically active by just doing it.

Are you ready to keep moving with your company?